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Of the naturally-weathering materials, copper is the most popular and can be used as a component in any roofing system. A centuries-old roofing material, copper’s durability is probably unmatched and has lasted 100 years plus in some instances. Though there is a high upfront cost to copper, its durability equates to one of the lowest, if not the lowest, lifetime costs.

New copper will have the bright, shiny appearance with which we are all familiar – like a new penny. As copper ages, its appearance will take on pinks, reds with yellow, blues, and purples and then turn to a relatively uniform brown. In some climates and locations, the natural patina of copper will form in as few as 6-7 years while it may never form in some climates.

Regardless of its stage in the weathering cycle, copper always maintains an elegant appearance in any application. While a great choice for a new roof, copper is the perfect choice for bay windows, ledges / accents, accessories, or as a flashing material.

Bond Roofing is the best hire a homeowner could make. Their knowledge of and expertise with metal roofing has to be second to none.

- B. Sanders
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